An Army of Worshipers

Worshipers 9/13/11
The Lord spoke to me saying that He is rising up an army of worshipers.  When we think worshipers we think in terms of people who sing songs, and we certainly see God rising up worship leaders that way, but every person is called to be a worshiper.  It is not primarily or only about singing songs.  The magi who came to worship Jesus, we have no record of them singing songs, they fell down before Him and gave Him everything that they had.  God is rising up worshipers.  Worshipers are always looking for Jesus; they spend their days and time looking for Jesus even behind the darkest stuff, even in the most mundane things, even in the most negative stuff.  They look beyond and behind always looking for Jesus.  Worshipers are constantly looking for Jesus because their desire is to worship Him and to give Him more and more and more.  The heart of a worshiper is that every time they encounter Christ, every time they find Jesus, even behind the most mundane set of circumstances, or negative set of circumstances as they look beyond the storm and see Christ, as they look beyond the clouds and see the light and the glory of God, they always encounter Him.  There is always this fresh epiphany and they always find themselves falling down before Him in their hearts and giving Him more and more of everything that they have.  This is the heart of a worshiper.  Someone who is looking for Jesus, someone who has encountered Jesus over and over again, and having a fresh epiphany of Christ, the result being them falling down before Him in fresh acts of surrender and offering Him fresh extravagant acts of obedience, gifts out of their life, and greater manifestation of yieldness and surrender and deeper affection and adoration.  This is who God is raising up, an army of worshipers in out day.