The Union Boot 11/03/12

Several weeks ago I had a vision and this vision has been re-occurring every day or so since then. The vision I saw was a foot with a boot, not like a cowboy boot but more like a worker’s boot. I could see the khaki pants, the white socks and the flesh between the pants and the socks. This boot or foot was about to step down, the heel almost touching down on a map of America. I pondered this for a little while and asked Lord to show me what the meaning was. The Lord spoke and said indeed it is a worker’s boot that this worker is threatening to oppress America. The work boot symbolizes those people in a union and those states that are highly unionized. The Lord said PRAY that the worker doesn’t oppress America and prevent them from choosing the purposes of God and the ways of God. Then I realized that the Lord was talking about this election which may be the pivotal one in American history. As written on this site previously, God in light of this election is searching for the soul of America. He wants America to say yes to Him. For His people to vote for things most precious to Him: the right of the unborn to live and biblical marriage between a man and a woman. There are men and women in unions who are God fearing however they won’t vote along these lines, they will vote according to what’s best for their union, ultimately being best for their own personal economy. Please understand this is not a slam against unions, they have a positive purpose in the work force however the outcome of this election may be decided by heavily unionized states. This is a very strong prophetic word days before the election. This day we need to PRAY those states heavily unionize vote YES to God and His purposes.