Alabama: The Big Red One 07.03.13

While sitting in a meeting the other day the Lord began to speak a prophetic word to me about Alabama, one that he’s been trying to speak for some time.  In fact for several years there’s been a term bouncing around my head as it relates to the state of Alabama the term being: ‘The Big Red One’.  My understanding of The Big Red One was it is the first infantry army division and because it has been in my mind for quite some time I assumed it was the associated with the state of Alabama.  As I’ve been praying for Alabama this term has come up in my spirit again and I’ve been praying about the promises spoken about Alabama, about revival coming to the nation and Alabama being one of the key’s, being the lead state.  When this word came up again I started to Google ‘The Big Red One’ and realized it doesn’t have anything to do with Alabama at all. However, what the Lord was saying to me the state of Alabama is like The Big Red One.  It is the first infantry division in the spirit realm before the Lord.  Now there are a number of facts that relates to the state as the spiritual The Big Red One.  Here are some of the things we are going to look at.

Nickname:  One of the nicknames for The Big Red One is The Fighting First.  This correlates with what many national prophets and prophetesses for many years now have been saying about the state of Alabama, how it will be the key to national revival.  It’s not that there can’t be revival in this nation without Alabama but that Alabama is to lead the way as it is Gods heart and His desire.  He is raising people up all over this country and state who believe that and He’s connecting the dots. So Alabama is the Fighting First, or the Big Red One.

Another nickname is The Big Dead One because they were often the first in combat in WW1 and WW2.  In  WW1 they were the first to land at Omaha beach in Normandy in 1944, where so many were killed.  They were one of two of the first combat divisions deployed in 1965 in Vietnam.  Their history as being a spearhead group is how they got that name being the first into battle and even truer is this in the spirit realm. Revival, always first and foremost, is not about the harvest but about the harvesting of hearts of believers, of holiness, people coming into holiness, coming through the low gate of humility and repentance and coming into the freedom of holiness.  John 12:24 ‘unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains alone but if it dies it bears much fruit’ and II Cor 1:9 received the sentence of death – so we don’t trust in our selves – but on God who raises the dead’.  I believe Alabama is going to be The Big Dead One to spearhead the revival through a massive place of surrender, dying to self-will and taking our place on the cross so Christ might live his life through us.  Dying to our own agenda!  Take up your cross daily – the whole spirit of self denial.  Being in union with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus will be its characteristic.

They are also called The Bloody First – of course because of how many lives were lost, but this will also be true as we walk in the power and anointing of the blood of Jesus.  There will be this massive authority coming from the state of Alabama to dispel the powers of darkness.  I believe the blood of Jesus will be one of the great characteristics that come out of this revival.  Cleansing by the power of the blood of Jesus produces holiness.  Alabama is going to be The Bloody First, The Bid Dead One, The Big Red One.

One of the characteristics or callings of the first army division and their purpose is to conduct sustained combat operations.  When you watch TV you grade movies 1 – 4 star.  We have had over the years 1 and 2 star revivals; we’ve even had in history a few 3 star revivals.  A 2 star revival would be like Pensacola, Brownsville, Toronto, Mobile or the Lakeland revival.  These 2 star revivals are mainly housed in a church – people come from different places and will dip their hearts into the anointing and take it back but it is contained there, these are not geographical.  These don’t’ change the economy or the culture; it doesn’t change a city or the atmosphere.  These are good things but they are only 1 or 2 star revivals.  Then there are the 3 star revival like the Welsh revival, revival in Northern China in the early start of the 20th century – these are geographical revivals, like Finney and Wesley which affected England and changed their culture.  Not just in a building, people working in places weeping and repenting and whole towns and cities were transformed.  But this isn’t a 4 star revival it only lasted for a season.  Sometimes would last for 100 years, but once completed the country would revert back to a worse position than it was before, look at England now.

A 4 star revival is a move of God and something that is geographical and sustainable.  This Tsunami that is coming is something that will be sustainable and grow and grow until Jesus comes again; this will be Acts part 2.  It is a 4 star revival because it will be sustainable and Alabama is going to lead the way into combat in the spirit operation.  The interesting thing about The Big Red One is their first real battle in WW2 was called Operation Torch and I believe that is exactly where we are at.  God is torching the hearts of his people with his love with his glory, with His presence and Alabama is being torched with the love of God.  So RIGHT NOW we are in the process where we are in Operation Torch because Alabama is being called to be the fighting first to lead the way in this revival.

Motto:  The motto of The Big Red One was no mission to difficult, no sacrifice to great, duty first.  That will be the motto of this move of God.  Fearlessness, the Lord says fear not and be not discouraged or dismayed for the Lord is with you this will be manifested in this revival of God.  There will be fearlessness where people will risk to believe, dare to believe and walk in extraordinary faith.  There will be extreme sacrifices for Christ out of love for him, desire and passion as their hearts are being torched with the love of God. Duty first and obedience first; there are going to be extravagant acts of obedience, people being transported to Alabama and sent from all over the world as ambassadors of revival.  No sacrifice will be too great.  We will see people coming to Alabama from all over the world that will pay any price to be in his presence.  No mission to difficult, no sacrifice too great, duty first will be the motto of this revival.

Colors:  The colors of the first army division – green and red – both have unique attributes but put together they represent Christmas colors – a perpetual Christmas season – a perpetual outpouring of the Holy Spirit with extravagant extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Signs and wonders like we have never seen before will occur in the State of Alabama.

Mascot:  The mascot for The Big Red One was a dog called Rags and this part of the spirit of this revival – blessed are the poor in spirit  (our rags for his riches) – just the brokenness and humility – Christ was wrapped up in rages when he was placed in the manger.  Because of people’s humility Alabama is going to become like that manger, a broken humble manger – and Christ is going to wrap himself up in the state of Alabama.  Christ is going to wrap himself in the rags of this state and incarnationally manifest his glory. The Magi came and worshiped the Christ who was wrapped up in rags because he transformed those rags into radiance and glory that is going to come forth in places in Alabama, particularly places like Selma that have been so afflicted and humiliated because of all the racial issues in the past.  God is taking and wrapping himself in those rags from Selma in order to manifest his glory.  Alabama can’t go without Selm,a it is the place more than any other place that represents historical disgrace and shame that will lead the way in glory and splendor.

Insignia: The distinct unit insignia is an angel with the words victory under it – we will see extravagant victory over the powers of darkness and the strongholds of the enemy in Alabama and all over the world.  There is a song called The Big Red One and here are some of the words –

The toast of the army,

Favorite son! Hail to the brave Big Red One,

Always the first to thirst for a fight

No foe shall challenge our right to victory

We take the field.  A grand sight to see.

Pride of the infantry

Men of a great division

Courage is our tradition,

Forward the Big Red One

All of these words are so prophetic, Alabama is going to be the toast of the army of God; we are going to manifest ourselves as God’s favorite son. Bravery and courage; we will be the fighting first.  No foe will back us off or challenge our right to victory.  It will be a grand sight to see when Alabama comes forth and takes its place in the purposes of God.