A Joan of Arc time 5/24/11

A Joan of Arc time

I believe that we are in a Joan of Arc time.  Joan was 12 years old when she had her first prophetic vision.  She saw 3 saints in a field telling her that God would use her to drive the English out of France, who were trespassers on the French soil of Normandy. And over the next 7 years of her life as a young person, she received many visions and dreams, powerful prophetic words and supernatural encounters with God.  Eventually, the Lord used her as a young person, to give advice to French generals and to lead their armies into victory after victory over the English and eventually, the English were driven from French soil, where they didn’t belong.
I believe we are living in a Joan of Arc time, where God is raising up young people and he is speaking to them in supernatural ways.  They are receiving visions from God, just like on the day of Pentecost it was prophesied that young people were getting visions.  And the Lord is raising up young people to speak to spiritual generals, to people in positions of authority, and to give them strategies for taking back territory in the church, that the enemy has trespassed on and is holding.  I believe that God is raising up young people who under authority, will lead armies of God to victory, pushing back the gates of hell that have trespassed on the church and robbed the church of those things that rightfully belong to it.  There have been many words given about young people and God raising up a powerful army of young people, but this Joan of Arc word is important because God is calling up an army of young people who will be advisors to generals and who will lead armies, and will do exploits for God, but they will do it under authority.  They will do it for the church, the bride of Christ and for Jesus.  So we should expect to see young people (and know that Joan was illiterate), young people who seem to be literate to theology and other things, whom God is speaking to in prophetic and supernatural ways, who have visions. It is necessary that we have generals, people in positions of authority in the church, who are humble enough to listen and recognize the anointing of God on these young people, a Joan of Arc anointing, so that we can get the strategies of God from them and that we allow and release them.  Joan of Arc went forth dressed in armor, like a knight, and we should allow young people who are armed with the presence, the glory and the power of God, to go forth and lead the armies of God, lead the church, to strategic victories.
One of the real keys is that they are doing it under authority, they are not doing it outside of the context of spiritual generals, but they are doing it in concert with them.  They are being advisors and passing on God’s strategies and being willing to lead the army and have the heart of the martyr, who is willing to die, to lay down their life to see the purposes of God, to see the kingdom of God advance, to see the church take back its rightful spiritual possessions and spiritual land that the trespasser, the enemy has stolen.