A Drunken Army 3/20/12

Last week I heard the Lord say this in my spirit, “I am trying the hearts of men and women throughout the earth, to raise up a drunken army, whose hearts are intoxicated with the love of Christ.” A lovesick Bride, armed with the Burning Heart of Jesus conquering the broken hearts of fallen humanity, changing everything around them as they bring the Heat. I’ve been sitting on this word for about a week because I knew there was more the Lord wanted to show me. Yesterday someone said something to me about Volcanos and when they did, revelation immediately began to rise up in me. Deep below the surface, pressure and heat begin to melt rock forming magma. That magma begins to force its way to the surface at a very slow pace through fissures, but the closer it gets to the surface the faster the magma travesl until it is traveling at several hundred miles an hour creating huge bubbles of molten rock that are trying to expand. There is only one direction it can expand and that is up, and nothing can resist it exploding through the surface with gases and lava. If there is enough pressure, the eruption changes the surrounding landscape forever.
This is what is happening in the lives of believers all over the world. Deep in their inner man the great heat and holy pressure of God’s love is melting their hearts. As their hearts intensely burn for Jesus, their burning hearts now in union with His comes exploding to the surface in passion and witness. The pressure of their inflamed hearts can’t be hidden or contained. The Lava will flow and it will change everything around them. I saw in the Spirit many volcanos exploding in violent eruptions. I knew each Volcano represented a new heart inflamed and intoxicated with the burning heart of Christ. It’s as if the Holy Spirit is evangelizing the saved with the good news of the SO!!!! love of God. I saw old volcanos that had once erupted but had been dormant for years coming alive and exploding, and I saw new Volcanos being formed in fields where no Volcano had existed before. Just think, an army of erupting Volcanos, erupting all over the world.