A Bride Dressed in Sackcloth 7/5/12

Joel 1:8 ¶ Wail like a virgin girded with sackcloth
For the bridegroom of her youth.
Joel 1:13 ¶ Gird yourselves with sackcloth, …..
Come, spend the night in sackcloth,

It is time for the Bride to clothe herself with sackcloth, and to lie all night before the Lover of her soul. Sackcloth represent mourning (longing), and repentance (brokenness). To have a sackcloth spirit is to long for more of Him than you’ve ever known before, and to be so desperate for Him that you are willing to let go of anything that will hinder First Love. The heart of a Bride is already intense, but this is to move into a new place of wholeheartedness that is consumed with the desire to be consumed. It’s not that you will necessarily spend all night before Him (though you very well might), but it’s that you will linger at His footstool marinating in His presence, before His beauty, as a way of life, longing for, and allowing your heart to be more, and more tenderized for the sake of love. What a weird thought, a Bride dressed in Sackcloth, but the Lord said that this is the season we are coming into. A SACKCLOTH SPIRIT is being released into the heart of the Bride. I see it as an open vision. I see a Bride laying on the Threshing Floor like Ruth, before her Boaz Jesus longing for total union and redemption. The threshing floor, the place of separation, brokenness, and longing, is the place of harvest. It’s there, we harvest His heart and our destiny. It is there that He says “don’t be afraid, I will do for you whatever you ask.” Zechariah says that there is being released a grace to cry out with wholeheartedness to the One whose heart is pierced. I see grace like honey being released to mourn for more of Him, to long for upheaval in our souls that we may surrender more to His Lovesick heart. It is time to offer the Grain Offering and Libation. to worship Him with the heart of a Bride dressed in Sackcloth. I see millions running under the released honey and opening their mouth to receive this anointing.