9/22/11 A significant day in the spirit

Tomorrow 9/22/11 will be a vey prophetic day. Jesus said that The Holy Spirit is like a wind; you can hear it’s sound, but it blows where it wishes, and you do not know where it comes from or where it is going. Tomorrow, on the Hebrew calendar is the day that the dove brings the olive leaf back to the ark. The Lord spoke a few days ago that on this day there will be a fresh wind of the spirit released on the earth to bring a new freedom and liberty in the Spirit. So many have been bound up for so long without real joy and liberty in there walk with God. This new wind(for those who will stand in it and receive it)will release new beginnings and new freedom. God is going to set people’s feet in large places who have lived in confined and restricted places spiritually, emotionally, and in ministry. Some have lived with a strong sense restriction because of judgement of some kind. Well, God said “Its new beginning time. It’s liberty time. Judgement is cancelled
I also saw in a vision this morning of a tree with all kind of wrapped gifts hanging off it. All kinds of different colors and ribbons and bows. The gifts were hanging off the branches and the branches that had seemed to high(many because they didn’t feel worthy, or adequate)were now bowed downed and many people were gathered and picking the gifts off the branches and then going their way with a sense of contentment, joy, and confidence. I believe that this is part of the fresh wind word. Many people who thought some of the gifts were out of their reach will now have liberty to take what God has offered and move into a new realm in life and ministry. Many will be released to skip about in the spirit.