I got, and spoke this word yesterday. There are going to be lots of Geopolitical earthquakes around the Globe as God allows Nations to be shaken. Economies will be threatened and some will come tumbling down. Many people will take to the streets in many nations groaning for change. This is not just going to happen in poor or unstable countries, but also in those nations that we have historically thought of as stable. We have already seen this happen in places like Greece, England, and now in the USA. There will be more. It also offers a real, opportunity for revival, so let’s pray. To prophetically keep our attention about what’s really going on in this environment there will also be an increase in Geological earthquakes around the world. Some of these will happen in the strangest places where there has either never been a tangible earthquake or there hasn’t been one in a long time.
Yesteraday, the same day the word was given, the strongest earthquake to hit Texas in 45 years occurred. Epicenter was south of San Antonio, and could be felt in Austin. This morning, a 6.2 earthquake hit Hokkaido Japan. In the last couple of hours, 2 small earthquakes rattled Berkley Ca.