Women Under Attack

Women Under Attack  8/30/2011

There have been prophetic voices recently declaring that we are coming into the year of the woman or the season of the woman.  I concur with that, that God is rising up Godly women to fill different roles and to play significant roles.  In light of that, I also believe that about a week ago the Lord showed me we are also coming into a time where powerful women of God are going to be under attack.  When we normally think about people being under attack, it’s usually the enemy taking out Christian men and leaders, because of the whole headship issue and we’ve seen a lot of men fall.  We are coming into a time where the enemy is zeroing in on powerful Christian woman, woman who have a real anointing, a real testimony, who are being used in the body of Christ and in the secular world.  We need to pray for them.  We need to pray for women just like we have done in the past for leaders and men.  We need to pray for women, that they would be able to sustain their walk and testimony and have courage as they walk through the attack and the assault that is going to come against woman of God.