Cave Dwellers Called Forth 6/17/14

A couple of days ago I had this panoramic open vision. I saw this large wide mountain, and an almost endless Valley down below. Stretching across the mountain, near the top, were series of caves that were situated side-by-side. All you could see of the caves were the mouths, and you could tell they were the mouths of the caves because they looked like dark holes. In front of many of the caves there were people standing out in front of them looking out over the valley. It was as if they were standing in a side-by-side spaced line, as they looked out over the valley. As they looked down over the Valley each one of these people seemed to be influencing what was going on in the Valley in some dramatic way. It became clear that they were influencing the Valley with kingdom realities, and it was also clear that each one of them had their own sphere of influence. I then noticed that even though the people were spaced row, as they look down over the valley, there were some spaces that were bigger, as if there were gaps. Then I noticed that everyplace there was a gap behind that gap was the mouth of a cave where someone was crouching down and looking out of the darkness towards what was happening on the outside. I heard them saying to themselves as if murmuring these words; “can I, should I, could I.” The next thing I noticed is that they had a little treasure box by their feet. I realized, that the treasure boxes contained all the giftings, and anointing’s that God had given to each one of them to impact their own sphere of influence down in the valley. They had things to give to the world down in the valley that could impact the valley for the kingdom that nobody else had, but fear, and guilt, and insecurity ,and a sense of unworthiness, had kept them chained to their little cave. Just behind each one was a chain attached to a stake in the ground and to their leg, that kept them imprisoned. But as I looked at it, it was a transparent chain that they could see, but really nobody else could. It was an invisible chain yet it had a golden color to it. What I realized, was that there was no chain at all; only they could see it, but it had been very costly to them. It had cost them their calling, and their influence,and their destiny in this fallen world. The next thing that I saw, was Jesus standing outside the caves, between the caves and those outside looking out over the valley. He was moving back and forth in front of the caves, encouraging those people that were stuck to come out and to fill in the gaps. He was telling them that he believed in them, and trusted them. He was telling them that he had given them treasures nobody else had, and they could influence the world down in the Valley in ways that nobody else ever could, or ever would be able to. He was telling them how important they were to those who lived in the Valley. As the people in the caves heard His voice, they looked behind them and saw all those golden chains disappear, realizing that they never were real chains, but only in their minds. They were realizing that they had been deceived all along. As the chains disappeared under the influence of the words of Jesus, they came out, and took their places filling in the gaps. As they did, celebrations broke out down the valley. You could hear the sound of stationary combines engines beginning to start up, as harvest time came. It was no longer a sickle harvest, but now that the gaps are filled in, it was a combine harvest.

There are many people in the body of Christ who are so paralyzed by fear and insecurity that they never come out of their little caves and bring their part to the great revival and harvest. What they don’t realize is that they have treasures to give that no one else has.They really do matter! Without those treasures they have the revival and the harvest can’t take place, but we are coming into a time where those little cave dwellers are coming out of their caves; bringing their part; fulfilling their destiny. Jesus is calling them out, and they are beginning to come out in droves. Some of the most gifted Saints are going to be coming out of seemingly nowhere. We are going to see people coming out of obscurity. People who had seemed to be little mice becoming roaring lions. The weak ones becoming strong in Him. So often leaders give up on people, but the lion of Judah never does. The least likely will become the most effective. We are moving into an Isaiah 33:23 time, “The lame will take the plunder.”

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