3/7/17 The Perez Blessing- Reiteration and further Explanation of the Perez Blessing

In Ruth chapter 4 when Boaz made the transaction to redeem Naomi and Ruth and all that belonged to Naomi, the elders and the council around them spoke three blessings over the household of Boaz. The third and final blessing is found in verse 12 The third blessing is at their house would be like the house of Perez. Perez is barely mentioned in Scripture but he is part of the lineage of Jesus. He was David’s nine great-grandfather. In other words Jesus came through Perez. Perez was born as a twin to Tamar, and Judah was the father. When Perez and his brother were being born his brother Zerah put his arm out first, and the midwife put a red string around his wrist so that when both were born there would be no confusion as to who the firstborn was and therefore
who would be the heir of the promises of Judah. After the midwife tied the red string around his arm, the arm disappeared and instead of Zerah being born first Perez evidently pulled Zerah’s arm back and Perez came out backwards as the first born. The name Perez means “Barrier Breacher.” Perez was obviously God’s choice to be the one to carry the line of the Messiah, but it appeared as if that destiny was not going to occur when Zerah put his arm out first and was identified as the first born by the midwife. Perez came out backwards, but God’s destiny was fulfilled in his life and he did fulfill God’s promises and purposes for his life. The blessing of Perez is that you will breach or breakthrough every barrier to fulfill God’s purposes and promises for your life and ministry. Even if things seem to be going backwards and not coming out the way you thought they were going to, there is an anointing being released to breach all barriers so that God’s words over your life will be fulfilled. This is the “Perez Blessing,” that all barriers will be breached, in your personal walk, life, anointing, and ministry. If things seem to be turning out backwards and not going in the direction you had thought they were going to go don’t be discouraged. The story of Perez and therefore the “Perez Blessing,” is that sometimes “breakthrough” comes out butt-backwards­čś│. Many prophetic people that I trust have also spoken that we are moving into a season of “breakthrough, “beginning in 2017. I’m saying that breakthrough will happen even if there’s been long-standing barriers and even if it seems like everything’s been going backwards for awhile. My brothers and sisters just like any other prophetic word this is an invitation and opportunity. As you know prophetic words are usually not automatic. They are added to a life of radical obedience. During this season of Lent, just like the rest of you, I continue to ask the Lord to go deeper into my life and to reveal areas of disobedience and indifference; but as I open myself up to more brokenness before Him, I am believing and decreeing every day the “Perez Blessing” over my life and everything God has given me stewardship over.