20/20 Vision 8/3/11

About two weeks ago I got this word about 20/20 vision. He said that we are in a time where people are going to have 20/20 vision when it comes to spiritual things. People will be able to see more clearly into the ways and heart of God. Many will start getting prophetic stuff who maybe never have before. All of the Seeing gifts will be easier to flow in. Many will be able to see beyond the veil with great clarity. This is a great time to press in. Even those who have had problems seeing in the past will find the eyes of their heart suddenly healed and they now have 20/20 vision. it is going to be fun watching people walking around tanking about how amazed they are about all the things they see so clearly now. It is not just going to be about gifts. It is going to be about everything in the spirit including your own spiritual life. Its going to result in a lot glory, wonder, excitement, repentance, and transformation. receive your 20/20 Vision.