10/14/11 Holy Poets

Holy Poets 9/12/11

I believe we are living in a time where God is calling Holy Poets to find each other.  God is going to be bringing people together, in relationships and marriages that are going to be different from any other generation.  The word Holy Poets references not necessarily people who write poetry, but people whose hearts make sonnets to God.  People whose are hearts are in a place like Ephesians chapter 5, where it talks about singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.  The word of the Lord is that Holy Poets will find each other.  Wait on your poet whose sings and makes melody to God, and then run off with him or her.  Anything or anyone less will extinguish the fires that are raging in your own hearts for Christ.  Don’t embrace the practical just to be safe and secure; wait for the radical with whom you can do exploits for God, those things that you dream about.  It’s not that God is saying that we are to look for impractical people, but God is saying that this is a generation of people who aren’t to settle just for the practical, what they are looking for is people whose hearts are on fire for God who have the heart of a Holy Poet, people who will run off into the purposes of God with them.  Decades and decades ago two famous poets in the natural ran off with each other:  Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning.  Elizabeth Barrett was a sickly person who was raised in a home with twenty bedrooms.  She was very wealthy and kept to herself most of the time.  When she met Robert Browning, they fell in love with each other instantly.  Her father didn’t approve of him, because he felt that his motives were not pure, that he was simply after their money, and he wasn’t sure that he could provide for his daughter.  While on vacation, Browning went to Elizabeth’s home and they ran off with each other and moved to France.  They lived together and had a family in great joy for 15 years.  She died in his arms 15 years later.  The point is that in the natural that is a sign to us that our God is speaking and calling people, not just young people, but particularly young people for their Holy Poet to show up and to settle for nothing less than someone who is willing to run off and to live a radical life, a life of radical, extravagant, obedience to God.