10/12/11. Germany(Occupation Rights)

Occupation rights cancelled in Germany
I got this word on 9/12/11.  The word is that as a result of the faithful remnant whose intercession and repentance have been crying out to God for decades, God has lifted the occupation rights, or the occupation rights have been cancelled over the country of Germany.  The atmosphere is now cleared for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Occupation rights had been given over to the enemy because of 2 particular sins in the nation of Germany.  One is pride and the other is the persecution and the slaughter of so many of the Jews who are special in the eyes of God.  This has caused a great hindrance to any real move of God over Germany.  There is a big difference between strongholds and occupation rights.  Strongholds are things we come against in prayer that are pulled down, and repentance is apart of it, but occupation rights are something that God gives over and the enemy can’t relinquish them, only the Lord can relinquish occupation rights.  This year it has been 66 years since in the natural the occupation rights were given over to Britain, America, France, and Russia over Germany.  The number 6, of course, is the number for man, and the two 6’s represent the 2 sins of man in Germany, the one of pride and the other the persecution and slaughter of the Jewish people.  Also, Isaiah 66 represent a spiritual highway; it is also the scripture concerning travailing, interceding, and travailing to give birth to the purposes of God.  Now that there have been people crying out and praying and have a heart of repentance, there is a remnant of people that have moved the heart of God to cancel the occupation rights given over to the enemy.  Now they can travel down Isaiah 66, down route 66, where they are able to cry out to God for a move of God, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over that country.  There will still be strongholds to deal with, spiritual battles to be dealt with, and strongholds for God to pull down, but the occupation rights have been cancelled. Their air is cleared; normal intercession and repentance can help pull down from heaven a real outpouring of the Holy Spirit over the country of Germany.